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Welcome to my Long Term Travel Blog

Hi there, I am Danick and I am currently traveling around the world.

I am starting this long term travel blog to share with you unique experiences, travel survival skills, long term travel tips and how to travel the world even if you are not rich, with just a simple philosophy of mine "Learn, Earn and Travel Long Term".

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Istanbul Free Walking Guide: 12 Best Places To Visit In Istanbul

This Istanbul free walking guide will show you 12 best places to visit in Istanbul by walking.

Work Travel Turkey: How To Travel And Volunteer In Turkey

Volunteer in Turkey makes traveling the country easier and also you could experience the food and culture differences.

English Volunteering in Poland: The Year Round Program For English Speakers

Talking with locals, tasting traditional food and helping people with English, English volunteering in Poland is like killing 3 birds with 1 stone.

Work Travel English: Double Dose Of English Volunteering In Germany With Englischhausen

See how I spend 2 interesting weeks doing English Volunteering in Germany with Englischhaussen, and I am sure to be back for more.

Giving Back 2017: How To Travel For Free With English In Europe

Travel for free with English in Europe is now possible if you can speak fluent English and hoping to help others.

Polish Cuisine: 12 Traditional Foods You Must Try In Poland

Here are my recommendations of 12 traditional foods you must try in Poland.

Belgrade Mobile Travel Photos: 15 Best Places To Visit In Belgrade

See 15 best places to visit in Belgrade through an artistic perspective (Belgrade Mobile Travel Art).

Year 2016 Recap: My 2nd Year Of Traveling in Europe

Before I start writing my year 2016 recap, I did ask myself a question, how do I feel after my 2nd year of traveling in Europe, and my answer is?

Europe Travel : 4 Traditional English Food You Must Try

When visiting another country, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture is through food.

Data SIM Global: Travel With Just One SIM Card For Internet (No Data Roaming)

In this modern century, Internet has become part of our daily routine therefore having one SIM card especially a global data SIM with no data roaming fees will be very handy for long term traveler.

How You Can Travel Long Term In Europe

Europe is a good place if you want to travel more than a year, but before that you need to understand the laws behind.

Travel budget: Long Term Travel around the world requires a lot of Money?

Every travel requires money not necessary only long term travel, it is the travel lifestyle that determines the travel budget.

How I Accidentally Became A Digital Nomad

I have never heard of the term digital nomad before but after knowing, it opens a whole world of new opportunities.

10 Physical Ways to Earn Life Points $$$ While Traveling

Have you ever wonder how we long term traveler manage to earn life points to keep traveling?

Travel Inspiration: Why You Should Try Backpacking Travel

You’ve probably heard of the term backpacking travel before, but have you ever tried it? This might be a new travel inspiration for your upcoming trip.

Free Walking Tour Paris : How To Spend A Budget Day in Romantic Paris (w/ Paris Travel Guide)

This mini Paris travel guide and the free walking tour of Paris is all that you need to spend a budget day in this romantic city of light.

Bucket List #8: Traveling To Europe For The First Time!

Is this also your first time traveling to Europe? Maybe this post will give you some head start to stretch your traveling budget.

Travel Lodging : How To Search For Budget Accommodation When Traveling To A New City

Do you know where to look for travel lodging or how to find budget accommodation to stretch your traveling budget? Hit on.

1 Must Know Term for Long Term Traveling “Food and Accommodation Exchange”

Have you heard of the term Food and Accommodation Exchange during your travel? Read for more.

Travel Lifestyle : Let Traveling Be A Chapter of Your Beautiful Life

Travel is beautiful so is your life, let a travel lifestyle opens to a chapter of your beautiful life, you will definitely enjoy it as much as I do.


As you travel, you will learn many fantastic skills and these skills are sometime the key factor that helps you 2 Keep Traveling. Here I will try to share the skills, advices and information I acquired during my years of traveling and hope it is useful to you too. 



This is the section I try to earn some traveling budgets from, it will be lovely if you can browse and find something that interest you or lend me a hand in various ways, else it is perfectly fine to skip it, CHEERS /:)



I am living and sleeping with traveling for the past few years and I hope to continue doing it for as long as time permits. You can find interesting experiences, travel tips, work for free food and stay, sometimes earn while you travel too.