Year 2016 Recap: My 2nd Year Of Traveling in Europe

Traveling In Europe Year 2

Edinburgh, Scotland


Before I start writing my year 2016 recap, I did ask myself a question, how do I feel after my 2nd year of traveling in Europe, and my answer is?


Year 2016 seems like a peaceful year to me but in fact it was mentally daunting and emotionally unstable, as things didn’t really happen according to my heart’s content.


Things like whether should I stay/live in London or continue traveling in Europe or even returning home kept troubling.


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Then things got worst when my wisdom tooth starts rebelling and causing bad mood days and headaches.


Also it comes to a point that I start falling sick frequently, having diarrhea after each meal, bleeding gums, ear infection, receding hairline etc.


As such I had to spend more time in bed and stop doing a lot of things like SINGING, talking, traveling in Europe, writing blogs (that's why I stopped for a year), eating happily, being patient with people or things, and lastly I stopped playing my ukulele.


I feel bad and useless when I can’t do things that I love!


When my time in London was almost up, I did have a dilemma; I didn't really know whether I should continue traveling in Europe or move somewhere else.


Nowadays even volunteering in Europe isn’t as easy as before.


Maybe its just summer and everything are at its peak, even volunteering. Also I have completed more than 70% of the countries in Europe and had many wonderful experiences and encounters.


What else more can I do that is refreshing and meaningful? After sitting down with much thought, I’ve found myself an answer.



Fortunately, there are a lot of good things that happens to me to help me pull through Year 2016.


  1. I met new friends although also saying goodbye to many old ones.
  2. Start doing freelance translation online.
  3. Learned how to cook Thai food within a short period of 1 month, special thanks to my shifu Ann.
  4. Got myself an Iphone SE and casing for my birthday and I really love its design and speed and also the camera.
  5. Friends from Travel Joy Hostel gave me a present and birthday treat!
  6. Friends from Singapore came to visit me in London.
  7. Visited the Lavender Farm in London
  8. Got myself a position as an English native speaker in a remarkable organization specializing in English immersion programs.
  9. With that I am also able to sign up for their sponsored TEFL scholarship, FREE STUFF NEVER FAILS A SMILE!
  10. Start traveling in Europe again after resting for 7 months.
  11. Met a lot of nice Polish friends and tried a lot of nice Polish cuisine.
  12. Went for a month of Spanish lesson in Seville, I paid but I’m delighted.
  13. Got rid of my wisdom tooth in Bulgaria after being tormented for a year!
  14. Bought antibiotics from the pharmacy for my tooth extraction and it cures my bleeding gum, diarrhea and ear infection too!
  15. Learnt how to take better pictures with Iphone.
  16. Learnt how to edit photos in Iphone.
  17. Found a new passion to blog about and changed my blog name.
  18. Spent a warm family like Christmas in Milingona Hostel in Tirana.


After spending a year correcting my own English pronunciation and speech, I am able to join a very nice organization specializing in English immersion programs in Eastern Europe as an English native speaker.


Keep learning as hard work does pay off!Click To Tweet


I am glad that I made a decision to travel to Scandinavia, the Baltics and the Balkans, as they one of the most beautiful places in Europe.


Maybe because I didn't go with much expectation and I was overwhelmed with what I saw and experienced, you should not skip these countries like what I wanted to.


I will never forget how happy I am when the dentist pulled out my wisdom tooth, although the following 3 recovery weeks were horrible.


Lastly at the end of the year, I reviewed my income from my online translation gigs and I realized that I had enough savings for my next trip to the America continent!


Learn, Earn and Travel seems to be embedded in my DNA, even though I never really planned for them to happen, they just happened.



  1. A Neutral accent for English Pronunciation
  2. Improved English conversational skill
  3. Studied Spanish A1 and A2
  4. Basic Meditation
  5. How to cook Thai food
  6. iPhone photography
  7. Editing of photos in iPhone.



  1. Online Freelance translator
  2. Cooking in London
  3. Hostel work



  1. The Baltics
  2. Scandinavia
  3. Some Balkan states
  4. Some other European and African countries





01 Jan – Celebrating New Year’s Day in Reykjavik.


10 JanIstanbul where a bombing incident takes place.



14 Feb – Valentines Day in London, also my shifu Ann’s birthday.



07 Mar – Touching the Stonehenge in Avebury.



22 AprBirthday celebration with my TJH family.

30 Apr – Gave myself a birthday present.



05 May – Spring is here in London.

22 May – A friend from Singapore came to visit.



6 JunWent Edinburgh with Kaya from Singapore.



2 Jul – Visit a friend in Windsor and get Colosseum painted on my Ukulele.

7 Jul – Visited the beach in Brighton.


19 Jul – Went Richmond park for the deer.



01 Aug – Visited Mayfield Lavender Farm in London.


05 Aug – Saying goodbye to London and hello to Berlin.

06 Aug – Tried my first traditional Polish meal in Warsaw.


12 Aug – First Angloville program near Warsaw.


16 Aug – Second Angloville program near Warsaw.


26 Aug – My first Baltic state, Vilnius.


28 Aug – Peaceful and beautiful Riga.


30 Aug – Walking through the ancient walls of Tallinn.



01 Sep – Nice boat trip to Helsinki.


02 Sep – The happy city Stockholm.


04 Sep – Met the mermaid in Copenhagen.


05 Sep – Feel the heat of Malaga.


10 Sep – Culture immersion in Seville.


24 Sep – City with unlimited blue skies Lisbon.


27 Sep – Sintra is full of castles and custard tarts.



09 Oct – Gaudi's creations are everywhere in Barcelona.


11 Oct – Teaching in Casa Blanca.

23 Oct – Too much tourist in Marrakech.



08 Nov – Flying off from Rabat.

09 Nov – I think i like Madrid better.


11 Nov – Alicante is so warm even in Winter.


14 Nov – Plovdiv will be the Capital of Culture in 2019.



08 Dec – Sofia has lots of freebies.


11 Dec – Skopje is filled with big statues.


13 Dec – Pristina was so cold when I was there.

15 Dec – Podgorica is just a small town.

17 Dec – Tirana will be the next hot destination in the Balkan.

19 Dec – Berat is worth a day trip.

24 Dec - Warm Christmas Dinner in Tirana.



  1. Start blogging again
  2. Heal my cavity naturally with coconut oil, Vitamin K2 and D3
  3. Learn all the courses I bought from Udemy
  4. Cut down on chocolate and sugar
  5. Practice meditation regularly
  6. Improve my conversational Spanish
  7. Complete my long term traveling in Europe


I have been showered with luck during my 5 years of traveling around the world, in the form of free food, free accommodations, and also helps from stranger, care and love from friends.


I always wanted to do something to give back to the community, I don't have much money so donation will not be my cup of tea, so I can only contribute my skills and knowledge.


I have decided to do 2 things to help the community in Year 2017.


English will be very important in the future therefore I am delegating my Year 2017 to participate in as many English Immersion Programs as possible in order to help those people who wants to learn it.


I hope my small effort can help them to have better opportunities in the future.


After blogging for 4 years, I got bored of it but fortunately this year I found myself a new purpose to blogging.


I am glad that I found a new passion and direction to blog about. I guess most of you have noticed that from my new blog name


So if you like my ideal, I really welcome you to stay on and explore what I have to offer, and if you are interested you can also subscribe to my newsletter.


Last but not least, so how do I feel after my 2nd year of traveling in Europe?


I really fall in love with Europe and I wish I never had to leave. So I decided to stay for another year at least wahahaha!


Do you think I made a right decision? I would love to hear from you /:)


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