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English Food

English Food, Edinburgh, Scotland


When visiting another country, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the local culture is through food.


By getting to know the locals or doing extensive research, it will help you to find the best traditional cuisines a place has to offer.



The first thing that comes to mind when talking about English food is probably fish and chips.

Although England is widely known for this staple meal, it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to quintessential British food.

So, with that in mind, here’s a list of traditional English food you must try:


#1. Traditional Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast


Bloomsbury went as far as calling the traditional Sunday roast as one of the best dishes to ever be created!

Basically, this recipe is made up of roasted meat (pork, beef, chicken or vegetarian) with added roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and vegetables.

Usually, a thick serving of gravy completes the meal.


#2. Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie is a mixture of minced lamb and vegetables topped with mashed potatoes.

After putting the ingredients together, the dish is then baked to heavenly goodness.

It has another variation called Cottage Pie, wherein the lamb is replaced with beef.


#3. Salt Beef Bagel

According to The Huffington Post, the Salt Beef Bagel was created in East London sometime between 1800-1900.

Salted beef was already common in UK houses and restaurants back then, and when it was turned into a sandwich with fresh bagels, the recipe became an instant hit.


#4. Full English

English Breakfast

English Breakfast


Usually served for breakfast, the Full English is a meal that includes bacon, sausages, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and toast. Traditionally it comes with a cup of tea.

The meals listed above are just a few English food or dishes that will delight your taste buds.




Moreover, there are a lot of recommendations out there about the best places to try traditional English food.

Different counties in England have their corresponding specialties, but if you want the widest variety of choices, then cities like London are the best places for you, as they will also have contemporary takes on traditional British dishes.


As a matter of fact, you don’t have to go far to get a taste of traditional English food. Over the years, even British airports have begun ushering in celebrity chefs to serve the best in contemporary and age-old food.


While Gatwick Airport's facilities have undergone vast improvements, in and out gateways such as these have become more passenger friendly.


Developments such as increasing its car parking and introducing short and long term options, according to Parking4Less have given flyers more affordable choices to park their vehicles, also it now has the world's first airport gin distillery; and this November, reported that the aviation hub will launch an onsite waste-to-energy processing plant, which is another first for airports.

Of course, restaurants that serve English food are among the many food stops now lined up along the airport's terminals.

Aside from other diners, notable English chef Jamie Oliver has a variety of culinary ventures in Gatwick Airport including one that was included in last year's list of Best Airport Restaurants in the World from Yahoo Travel.

In all, English cuisine has its own identity, similar to any other culture.

Hopefully, this list will act as a introduction into the dishes you should try first on your journey to the UK.

Do you have additional meals you’d like to add? Share them in our comments section below.



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