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2012 End of the world?

Is the prophecy true about the world coming to an end? What happens if this day does come, how will you spend your last moment on earth? Will you be spending it with the ones you love or will you be on your way to work as usual hoping nothing happens? Maybe I will be buried in foreign land, because I will be traveling /: P

Strokkur, Iceland

Strokkur, Iceland

If this day ever comes, or maybe later, are you happy with your life now? Anything that you are proud of, happy of or contented of. Maybe you have a to do list or short-term goals, have you completed them? ARGH!!! Why am I questioning so much? To be honest I never had any goals planned out before, I live my days without thinking what is going to happen in life for me and where I aim to be in the future.


When I started to think and plan about it, I wrote down 88 things that I wanted to complete in life. I would label myself as pretty greedy as it's a long list and some of it will take big time to complete. At least I did not named all 99 wahahaha.

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My 99 Bucket List

  1. If tomorrow does come after 31/12/2012 I hope that it keeps rolling till the end of time.
  2. Greet each morning with a smiley; no matter it’s going to be beautiful or ugly, happy or sad.
  3. Share the happiness with friends I know and the people around me.
  4. Find a job that I like, work to live not live to work.
  5. My childhood ambition is to become a doctor but that never happen as I have color appreciation deficiency. Now I wish I can be a radio DJ, happy even if it is a part time. COMPLETED ._.v
  6. Work abroad at least once in a lifetime, earning foreign currency and paying foreign taxCOMPLETED ._.v
  7. Treat myself to a gap year; it should be something I can remember for lifeCOMPLETED ._.v
  8. Travel around Europe although knowing that living expenses are rocket high. COMPLETED ._.v
  9. Always thought of going to North Pole or the Antarctica, not sure what to do over there, maybe say hi to the penguins.
  10. Hope to travel North, Central and South of America although they are very far away from my home.
  11. Visit my 7 wonders of the world: Ang Kor Wat in Siem Reap, CambodiaCOMPLETED ._.v
  12. Visit my 7 wonders of the world: Great wall of China in Beijing, ChinaCOMPLETED ._.v
  13. Visit my 7 wonders of the world: Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.  COMPLETED ._.v
  14. Visit my 7 wonders of the world: Taj Mahal in Agra, India.
  15. Visit my 7 wonders of the world: Colosseum in Rome, Italy.  COMPLETED ._.v
  16. Visit my 7 wonders of the world: Stonehendge in England, UK.  COMPLETED ._.v
  17. Visit my 7 wonders of the world: Machu Picchu in Peru.
  18. Not sure what is northern light but dying to see it once.  COMPLETED ._.v
  19. Visit the dead sea and try to float on it before it dry up.  COMPLETED ._.v
  20. Seeing Meteor Shower is near impossible but I will try.
  21. Wanted to climb Mount Everest, Himalaya or maybe Fuji while I still have the physical.
  22. Try bungee jump, although I’m not afraid of height but its still scary.
  23. Swim nude in a beach or lake, no piranhas please wahahaha.
  24. Love Taiwanese food, great to do a round island trip with any forms of transport available.  COMPLETED ._.v
  25. China is huge and difficult to travel all of it but for the beauty of it, it is worth a try.  COMPLETED ._.v
  26. Visit Tibet and the infamous Potala Palace.
  27. Visit Greece and overlook the beautiful Aegean Sea in Santorin.
  28. Get a chance to visit Maldives before it sinks.
  29. I am not a romantic person but would love to experience sunrise and sunset.  COMPLETED ._.v
  30. Have not seen autumn before, I would love to walk on a street full of fallen leaves /: )  COMPLETED ._.v
  31. Gamble a night in Las Vegas!
  32. Take a trip into Venice and immerse into the romantic quiet atmosphere.  COMPLETED ._.v
  33. Collect unique magnet of every country I visited. IN PROGRESS
  34. A submarine ride in the deep blue sea will be cool but no sharks and whales I hope.
  35. Get a tattoo, but afraid that I will regret as it is permanent, still waiting for the right picture.
  36. Not sure is hypnosis true, if it is then I would like to know what I am in my past life.
  37. Milking the cows or goats or even cats, ignore me I am crazy at times >.<”
  38. Love eating; hope to have a day where I can eat without any concern.
  39. Always wanted to buy stock but has got no chance to learn it.
  40. Well, I never done any charity before, hope I have a chance to help the less fortunateCOMPLETED ._.v
  41. Join some national charity organization and start helping others.
  42. See the beautiful Sakura in Japan or any other countriesCOMPLETED ._.v
  43. Learn 5 languages, doesn't need to write them but at least fluent in basic conversation.
  44. I like Cantonese songs a lot, really need a chance to stay in Hong Kong to perfect my Cantonese.
  45. Wonder how it feels like being a monk and live the life for a short periodCOMPLETED ._.v
  46. Get the feeling of walking in the dessert and feel the heatCOMPLETED ._.v
  47. Learn meditation; get back to peace when I am angry or frustrated at things.
  48. Bought a set of Tarot cards but has no chance to study about it.
  49. Put more effort in photography.
  50. Learn to make videos and earn some money with it.
  51. Hold an event where you need to buy a ticket to see me wahahaha.
  52. Be my own boss, doesn't need to have any workers or offices.
  53. Create an original dish of my own, but I flunk in cooking now.
  54. Wants to keep a small garden of my own, planting some herbs or vegetables.
  55. Always wanted to learn dancing, but age is catching up, like now.
  56. Always fascinated by ventriloquism, got to learn it someday.
  57. Write an original sellable melody.
  58. Write an original sellable lyric.
  60. Write a sellable book of my own.
  61. Get PRO on a certain musical instrument and hope to teach others playing it too.
  62. Sing a song that can touch someone, even if its just 1 person.
  63. Sing and play an instrument together, learn guitar sometimes back but still unable to do it, too difficult for meCOMPLETED ._.v
  64. Sing a Mandarin song in the public and manage to touch 1 person.
  65. Get claps after singing an English song in an English speaking country.
  66. Build up my guts and go busking in Taiwan.
  67. Release an album for myself.
  68. Join a singing competition and get into top 10.
  69. Meet Jonathan Lee and learn from him the art of singing narration.
  70. Learn acting and participate in a musical.
  71. Watch Jacky Cheung’s musical, Snow Wolf Lake.
  72. Have a chance to meet or sing with my idol Jacky Cheung or Eason Chen.
  73. Go to Celine Dion’s concert.
  74. Go to Sandy Lam’s concert.
  75. Hope for a concert of my own too /: P
  76. If out of the body experience ever exists, I would pay to learn it.
  77. With tears dripping down my cheek while watching a movie is a miracle for me, but I hope I can do it one day.
  78. Raise a pet and love it for sure.
  79. Get a driving license, although I know I do not have the flare in driving.
  80. Although it is very taxing and tiring writing blogs but keep it going!
  81. Have a house of my own, although my mum sold mine.
  82. I had enough, so stop growing more WRINKLES!
  83. I want to have decent chest muscles.
  84. If I can wish for a 6 pack abs.
  85. I hope 1 day my moustache and beard will stop growing.
  86. Say “no” to others instead of keeping it secretly.
  87. Stop being antisocial, speak more and get along with strangers.
  88. Find my life long soul mate, I know I am pretty difficult to get along with.
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