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Snow Mountain, Lake Tekapo, Mount John, Keep Traveling

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand


Travel is beautiful so is your life, let a travel lifestyle opens to a chapter of your beautiful life, you will definitely enjoy it as much as I do.


Different people have different destiny in life, that is for sure, some wanted to be a doctor so he spent 10 years studying, another 10 years understudying and the rest of his life working in the hospital.


You can’t say that is not a beautiful life, it’s a choice of his.


Some people might meet the love of his life, get married right after university, create new members of the family and build a future for them.


You can’t say that his life is being tied down and he did not live his life to the fullest, “NOPE” it is his choice and commitment. That could be his beautiful life, perhaps.



Over here I am not going to tell you that you need to travel or have a long term travel lifestyle to be great, or to enjoy life of your choice (I know of many who just goes with the flow of life), to get freedom and not being tied down with tradition thoughts or methodology of life.


Instead, I am here to show you that there is another option in life which you can consider.


You don't have to work all your life in the country that you are born in, although it is difficult at first but try stepping out and you will be filled with experiences you never thought of.


Try a travel lifestyle that ski you away from the traditional ones that your friends or family are having is not scary at all, trust me /:)



During my years of backpacking travel, I met people with different travel lifestyles that really fascinates me and also inspired me to venture into some of them.


Some have been traveling and living away from home for years, some just work locally and make money while traveling, some have ways to make money online and work remotely so all they need is a computer and they can work and travel in any cities they like.


So I believe you or I can do that too or just find jobs that involves travel.



If you have some commitment that you cant break away, you can always take a month or two or longer vacation each year to have some in depth traveling in the countries that you like, that is the travel lifestyle I am in now with a little bit of difference.

Napier Beach, New Zealand, North Island


I usually spend a few months working locally or working online (something I just started recently) and spend many other months traveling around the world.


You might not be able to work in all countries but sometimes you can apply for a working holiday visa in specific country, do voluntary jobs or join programs that offers food and accommodation exchange.


You might find yourself staying in a luxury resort in Turkey and teaching English to the staff, another moment you might be staying in a Tatami house in Japan helping out with farming, or housekeeping a hostel in Iceland where you can see the Northern Lights for free.


Does that sound interesting to you?


The wonderful part of this is that food and accommodation are usually covered so you don't have to spend much, all you need is just an air ticket or other means of transports to get to the place, many a time you can get cheap air tickets if you plan earlier.


Such in depth type of traveling also allows you to understand the culture of the locals, eat what they eat, do what they do, immerse yourself totally into their lifestyle.



Most importantly before you plan for your travel journey, set a purpose for your travel lifestyle, something like I want to travel for the rest of my life, well I can’t say that is wrong, it can be your dream to travel for life, like mine is to travel the world before it comes to an end.


You can also have things like, I want to drink beer all over the world, a portrait photographer may want to take pictures of different buildings or people to have more inspiration on his work, or I just want to travel and see how far I can go, that could be it too.


Nothing is right or wrong and purpose or goals might change along the way when you discover that you could potentially do more than you can.


Everything in life is a choice of your own, don't let others tell you what you need to do, instead, do what you think you can or want to do.


Lastly, please give traveling a chance to be a chapter of your beautiful life, cheers /:)


Do you already have a travel lifestyle in mind? Let me know at the comments below.


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