Travel budget: Long Term Travel around the world requires a lot of Money?

Long Term Travel

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Every travel you do requires some money not necessary only long term travel, it is the travel lifestyle that determines how much travel budget you need and how long it takes for you to save them.


Many a time when it comes to travel, money is always the key factor, you will seldom hear people saying “I do not have the time, it is too far”, or “I don't like to travel there”, but mostly the answer will be “I have no money”.


I always felt that I am very lucky as there will always be a guardian angel to help me when I am in danger or times of difficulty during my long term travel around the world (especially), and maybe some of you felt the same too in life.


When I started to travel in 2012, I brought $8,000SGD cash with me and $2000SGD on my Debit Card, I said to myself if I finished them I will end my long term travel.


Since I am still on the road now and traveling around the world, it means I have not finished my travel budget wahahaha.


“I Am Too Poor For A Long Term Travel”


I cannot say that this sentence is totally wrong or right, I can only agree to a certain extend for both right and wrong in the context of long term travel.


Different people have different situations, some people work 2 jobs just enough to feed their family, while some earns a pretty decent salary but spent most of it on shopping, installments and other stuff (like the old me).


Both are a kind of “I am too poor”.


Sometime it is just similar to excuses like “I can’t go to the gym I am too busy”, “The swimming pool is too far away”, “I don't have time to clean my house”.


Things that you want to do but do not have the determination or it is not something you used to do and out of your comfortable zone, you just need a “PUSH” to step forward rather than the money factor.


“Long Term Travel Around The World Requires A Lot Of Travel Budget?”


Yes and no to that question, you need to define long term travel around the world in your context, do you want to travel 1 month, 3 month, half a year or a year?


Of course the travel budget will be different.


Most of the time you can survive on $800USD-$1000USD a month depending on the country you visit and lesser if you are long term traveling in Asia.


Usually the 3 big areas that takes up your travel budget during long term travel around the world are transportation, accommodation and food, they are unavoidable.


Luckily in this century, budget airlines are sprouting and there are promotions every now and then.


Continents like Europe are cheaper and easier to go by trains or buses and the same for bigger countries like China, USA, Australia etc.


Long Term Travel Budget Quick Tips

Accommodation and food are really the big killer to long term travelers as they are directly proportional to time, which means the longer you travel around the world the more travel budget you will incur in them.


There are different ways to search for budget accommodation during your long term travel around the world, eat cheap or learn to cook your own meals, but what if you can get them free in exchange for a few hours of your time a day?


There are food and accommodation exchange opportunities everywhere in the world that you can participate in with a minimal of 2 weeks to 3 months, perfect choice for long term travel.


“I Need Long Time To Save For That Long Term Travel Budget”


Apparently it is true to an extend, but I can say by working under a constraint environment for 6-8 months you can easily save up travel budget for a year of travel.


I did that during my working holiday in New Zealand, where I worked on seasonal jobs on and off earning $300NZD-$650NZD+ a week depending on the weather.


On an average I saved $1500NZD travel budget a month and most of the time I cook myself.


Of course there will be other expenses like rental, food, dine out, personal expenses, trips to other cities during off days and tours.


If I can do that in a foreign country, I guess most of you can do better with your jobs, else you can also get another part time job which most of the backpackers do in New Zealand.


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If you really want to save for a long term travel around the world, you need to watch your personal expenses, stop shopping for things or additional clothes that ends up stocking in the house, instead sell some of your things that you don't need on ebays or something similar to save up some travel budget.


Cut down on habitual routines or entertainments like going to the pub, karaoke, drinking expensive beverages, eating out or cinema nights can really improve your travel budget savings.


Well having to say that, I hope that you save up for a purpose, it might not be for travel around the world, it can be for something big and important in your beautiful life /: )


If you never make a move, you will always be standing on the same spot. If you move, you will face new horizon.


Agree or not leave me your comment, thank you wahahaha.


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