Giving Back 2017: How To Travel For Free With English In Europe 

Travel For Free With English

Travel For Free With English


Travel for free with English in Europe is now possible if you can speak fluent English and hoping to help others.


As some of you might have known, this is my 3rd and probably the last year traveling in Europe (I’m really sad) so I really want to make it a special year for myself and also do something for this wonderful continent.



My 3 years of travel in Europe wouldn’t be possible without the help of all the kind Europeans I’ve met during my travel.


Thank you so much to those who sheltered me, making or taking me to a meal, offering me some work and taking me as a volunteer.


Therefore I made a decision last December that I would want to do something to give back to this community.


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It was a tough decision thou, as money is an important part of my travel therefore I can’t really afford to donate it to help others but...


I do have a lot of skills that I can offer to help others, especially with language.


Last year during my stay in London, I told myself I need to find something new to learn (I try to learn something new every year).


After stumbling upon an organization that offers free TEFL certification, I began having a second thought.


Maybe I should improve my conversational English and go for the certification.


Well I just love freebies!


It actually took me 4 months of hard work to correct my own SINGLISH to a proper sounding English.



During the 4 months, I was practicing these 3 methods over and over again.


I did see a great improvement in my accent and pronunciation therefore I would like to share it with those who are interested.


#1. Imitate A Movie Character

Chose a character from a movie or the radio that you would like to speak and sound like. Play a line he/she says then pause and repeat the line and imitate the way he/she says it.


This is to be aware of the difference in accent and correct the pronunciation to be similar to the native movie actor.


#2. Read Out Loud Everyday

This is very effective and easy to practice. I will choose a short text everyday and read out loud.


You need to read using the accent of the character in #1 so that you can speak with the right accent next time.


#3. Talk To Yourself While Walking

When traveling, I usually walk from places to places in the city and this is a great time to practice.


When you do this often, sometimes things that you say are just coming out subconsciously and naturally which is great.



Angloville Winter

Angloville Winter


When I felt that I am doing good and ready for a new adventure, I applied for the sponsored TEFL program that Angloville offers to English native speakers.


It wasn't really easy for me to apply even though English is Singapore’s primary educational language.


One of the reasons is, we don't speak proper English, we speak Singlish and therefore we are seldom considered as an English native speaking country.


After some interviews and processes, I was able to apply for this sponsored TEFL program.


Check It Out:



After completing the 10 TEFL e-learning modules, I will need to go for a 2-3 weeks practical before I can get the certification.


Trust me, this is the fun part.


It is mainly an English Immersion Program runs by Angloville where you will need to speak English and only English with the participants.


The catch is, you will be staying in a 3-4 stars hotel and served with great traditional food.


Pierogi (Polish Dumplings)

Pierogi (Polish Dumplings)


Check It Out:



After returning from the programs and understanding how important English is to the younger generation.


I decided to stay in Europe for another year.


So this year I really hope to achieve 3 things:

#1. To Help More People Who Wants To Learn English

#2. Prove A Way For English Speakers To Travel Long Term In Europe

#3. Make It Possible For Non Native English Speakers To Help others With English.


In order to do so, I did more research and joined more organizations that are running such immersion programs.


As a result, I will be joining 15 or more programs this year wahahaha.



If you are speaking fluent English and wish to do long term travel in Europe just like me by helping others with their English, here are the ways.


These are 4 organizations you can start your journey with.


#1. Angloville

A Polish owned organization specialized in English immersion programs in the Eastern Europe region.


Angloville Adult

Angloville Adult


Enjoy the Diversity of Angloville


#1. Travel While You Volunteer

You can choose to volunteer in 4 different countries namely, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.


It's a great way to travel in Europe.


#2. International Programs

Other then Eastern European countries, there are other choices happening during summer, Malta, Ireland and England!!!


#3. Free Anglo-TEFL Scholarship

Like what I mention above it’s free and it’s something worth going for.


#4. Meet People From All Over Europe

What can be better then to speak to the local, get insights of the country, their festivals and lifestyle.


Sometimes you can even get a job!!!


#5. 3 Days Weekend Program

Great for people that study or work in Europe and want to have a weekend getaway or only have time during weekends.


Hruba Skala Castle

Hruba Skala Castle


I need to take a break from traveling so I went for a weekend program and stayed in a castle near Prague.


What's included in the program

#1. Free accommodation and food during program days in a 3-4 stars hotel

#2. A free city tour with lunch included 1 day before the actual program

#3. Free transportation to and back from the venue

#4. Get close to nature and the countryside

#5. Certificate of volunteer

#6. Free folder, notebook and pen


Angloville Junior

Angloville Junior


What I like about Angloville

#1. Super fast response in emails

#2. Good management and logistic

#3. Easy to sign up for multiple programs

#4. Friendly coordinators

#5. More dates and venues to choose from

#6. A chance to chose between adult and junior programs

#7. A great way to travel around Europe


Check It Out:


#2. Diverbo

Headquarters in Spain, Madrid, specializing in both English and Spanish immersion programs in Spain and Germany (Englischhaussen).


Englishhaussen Frankfurt

Englishhaussen Frankfurt


What you can look for in Diverbo

#1. Travel and enjoy the beauty of 3 famous cities, Madrid, Munich and Frankfurt

#2. Meet working adults from all fields of work

#3. Meet friendly English native speakers from all over the world

#4. Enjoy stunning locations around Spain and Germany


What's included in the program

#1. Free accommodation and food during program days in a 4 stars hotel

#2. An evening welcome reception with free drinks and traditional food

#3. Free transportation to and back from the venue

#4. Get close to beautiful nature and the countryside

#5. Certificate of volunteer

#6. Free pen and water bottle


Traditional German Food

Traditional German Food


What I like about Diverbo

#1. The get together and email exchange of native speakers before the program

#2. Good management and logistic

#3. 3 different dishes to chose from at lunch and dinner

#4. 3 course meal with 1 free drink (including alcohol) for lunch and dinner

#5. A chance to taste many traditional foods

#6. Love the group activities and theater session

#7. Friendly master of ceremonies and program director


Englishhaussen Theater

Englishhaussen Theater


PS. You will need to have a positive feedback from your first program before you can signup for a second one 🙂


Check It Out:


#3. Vaughan Town

It basically offers a 6 days English immersion program for Spaniards who want to take English conversation to a higher level.


What you can look for in Vaughan Town

#1. Enjoy the beauty of 3 different countryside locations in Spain

#2. Meet Spanish working adults from all fields of work

#3. Meet friendly English native speakers from all over the world


What's included in the program

#1. Free accommodation and food during program days in a 4 stars hotel

#2. An evening welcome reception with free drinks and TAPAS!

#3. Free transportation to and back from the venue

#4. Get close to beautiful nature and the countryside

#5. Certificate of volunteer


What I like about Vaughan Town

Frankly speaking, I have not been to any of their programs yet but I will be joining 2 of them in July and August.


So stay tune while I post some of my experiences with Vaughan Town.


#4. Workaway

Workaway is a platform where you can find all sorts of volunteering jobs all around the world.


I have used Workaway to find many English volunteering in schools all around Europe and they were all very rewarding.


Eftersokle In Denmark

Eftersokle In Denmark


Check It Out:

  • How To Travel For Free In Europe
  • English Volunteering In France


What I like about Workaway

#1. A wide variety of English volunteering positions available

#2. A great chance to travel across Europe and even the world

#3. Visiting schools in different countries and learn about their systems

#4. A chance to meet other workaways from all over the world

#5. A chance to taste local delicacy

#6. A chance to visit rural areas and small town

#7. A chance to talk with the students and locals

#8. Many organizations do not need you to be a native speaker to join them


Dessert Made By Student

Dessert Made By Student In Denmark


Well, if you combine the 4 options above, it is not difficult to Travel For Free With English In Europe for a year or longer.


Also for some passport, you can stay in one or more Schengen countries for additional days and it will not be accumulated in your Schengen day count.


Do you want to travel for free with English in Europe? If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or reach my via my Facebook page and don't forget to LIKE it.


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Excellent, useful ways to speak English well for people traveling there. Good idea.