Data SIM Global: Travel With Just One SIM Card For Internet (No Data Roaming)

One SIM Card Data, 国际流量SIM卡

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In this modern century, Internet has become part of our daily routine therefore having one SIM card especially a global data SIM with no data roaming fees will be very handy for long term traveler.


Most travelers will go through the pain of buying one SIM card for each country they visit.


I do the same too when I first started my journey. I also end up with 10 SIM cards stuffed in my wallet after traveling Asia.


It is also very inconvenience, you need to do research for every country, travel to buy that one SIM card, opening up your phone casing, setup to use and sometimes got rip off by vendors.



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Since having a Data SIM will always be in your checklist when traveling to a new country, and if you travel frequently why not just go for one SIM card for Internet?


Traveling in a new city will never be easy without navigating where you are, how to get to places and get back to the place you stay.


I am sure every traveler has a favorite Map app installed in his or her mobile phone.


I do use a physical map sometimes but it is much easier to plot your route and find which direction you are facing using the Map app in phone, also in some cities maps are not free.



Usually when we are abroad we need Internet connection to check for information, reading emails and navigate around, other than that it also comes in handy for the followings:


#1. Work As A Digital Nomad

I am currently doing freelancing job online while traveling the world, therefore orders from customer comes in timely. Some are urgent cases that I do not want to miss it due to lack of connectivity.


#2. For Emergency Purpose

Things like missing a flight or a train and you need to check the next available schedules or finding an emergency hostel stay or accommodation, this really happens to me when I was dropped off at the wrong destination in Lyon, France.


#3. Use To Contact Your Host

I use Workaway and Couchsurfing heavily in my travel around the world, therefore I will need to always contact the host when I arrive, and most hosts have means of contact online.


#4. Talk To Your Friends And Families

Nowadays we do not need to rely on conventional way of calling home or chatting with friends. There are apps like whatsappwechatskype etc that allows you to send audio to the other party. I even did an interview with a Singapore radio station using whatsapp wahahaha /: )


#5. Social Media Usage

Posting pictures, status, and locations online is becoming a habit for most. I do it too but usually with WIFI instead of using a Global Data SIM as it take up too much data usage from my balance. The cost can be as worst as turning on your data roaming.



 #1. Covers 80% Of Your Travel Plans

It is impossible to find global data SIM that fits all your travel desire, but at least get one SIM card that can save you cost and trouble for 80-90% of you travel.


#2. Data Last For More Than A Month

Do read the small prints as most data SIMs for global offer package that you need to renew every month which can be very costly and not handy in times of emergency.


#3. One SIM Card That Valid For More Than One Year

Many countries offer local SIM card that only last for 3 – 12 months and might occur data roaming fee when use out of the border. Also most global data SIM will auto deactivate after 12 months from last topup.


#4. Compatible With All Phones

Choose one SIM card that comes in Standard, Nano or Micro so that you can fit on standby phones or cheap phones you buy locally. Also make sure it is compatible with the phone and OS version you care using.


#5. Share Out To Other Devices

Being able to share out the Data from your phone to other devices, it will be extremely useful.



For budget traveler like me, I need one SIM card that I don't need to recharge every month so I can save cost and of course it has to cover most countries that I planned to travel to.


With this in mind I started to look on the Internet for solution, at that time I am traveling in Europe so I found that Keepgo International Data SIM covers almost all the hot European countries and also America (my next destination).


This lifetime Data SIM for global travel costs $69USD and it comes with 1GB of data that is valid for 365 days!


Keepgo Coverage

Keepgo Coverage


The best thing is that it also covers some countries in other continents like Israel, Egypt and Turkey, definitely a plus point for me.


Subsequent recharge is only $49USD for 1GB and sometimes they have summer/winter sales.


No Data Roaming Charges

This one SIM card taps on the network of local telecom provider therefore no data roaming charges will be incurred. You can also activate it in any of the 65 coverage countries.


Free Shipping To 38 Countries

USA, Canada, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.


Device Compatibility

It works with all GSM mobile phones, tablets and WIFI devices but for hotspot sharing to/from Apple devices, it will depend on the network provider. So far I am able to share in some European countries, Turkey and Egypt but not in Israel.



If you are thinking of buying the Keepgo Global Data SIM card, you can now get 15% off on your purchase by simply using my referral link here and then put a general discount code “KEEPGOREF15” at the checkout screen.






You can also use this offer to purchase the hotspot device that can share data to up to 10 devices.



One setback of Keepgo Global Data SIM is the limited coverage in some Asian countries like TaiwanJapanSouth KoreaVietnamIndonesiaMalaysia and also New Zealand in the Oceania.


These are the most popular destination on the other side of the globe /: )


For me I bought another one SIM card with WorldSIM as a spare in case of emergency or when I go to a country that is not covered by Keepgo International Data SIM.


You can use Google to look for other Data SIM for Global that suits for travel, I choose WorldSIM as a backup because the credit last for a year.


The credit allows you to make phone calls and use as data roaming too.


When you buy the SIM it comes with $20GBP credit to use. Minimal topup is $10GBP and you can also get a US (+1) phone number or UK (+44) phone number.


PS: I currently carry 2 phones, one for calling and one for data. I will use the cheaper phone when I visit places that are prone of pickpocket. Wahahaha


Do you also use one SIM card for Internet when you travel around the world? Feel free to share you opinions in the comment box below /:)


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