Work Travel Turkey: How To Travel And Volunteer In Turkey

Volunteer In Turkey

Volunteer In Turkey


For long term traveler, becoming a volunteer in Turkey makes traveling around the country cheaper and easier.


There are also no strict laws stating that travelers could not volunteer in Turkey.


Although recently many epic events happened in Turkey, it is still by far one of my favorite countries in Europe to volunteer.


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I have been to and volunteer in Turkey for more than 4 times and counting. There are many reasons why I like this country.


#1. Not In Schengen Zone

This is a headache for travelers who want to travel long term in Europe as they could only stay in Schengen countries for 90 days within a 180 days period.


So Turkey is neither in the EU nor Schengen Zone, therefore it is a good place to take a rest and have a change of culture.


#2. Fantastic Landscape

Turkey is a very big country and therefore it is not limited by beautiful terrain, unique landscape and activities.



Cappadocia, Pamukkale and the southern part of the country along the Turquoise Coast are places should not be missed.


#3. Food And Culture

If you are a pork lover then sorry, as Turkey is a Muslim country so the law prohibits pork cuisines (Good for those on diet).


Having said that, there are still tons of delicious traditional Turkish food you need to try, especially their desserts.


#4. Budget Airline

My favorite airlines in Europe are Ryan Air and Pegasus Airline, the latter is a budget airline covering almost all cities in Turkey and surrounding regions.


If you sign up for their free membership, you could claim points when you check in online and after you flew.


One flight can usually claims you more than $1EUR rebate.


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#5. Good Bus Services

Turkey claims to have the best bus services in Europe for both long and short distances.


They offer beverages and snacks for free during long distance bus trip and sometimes WIFI is available too.



The seats are wide and some buses come with multimedia TV where you could watch a movie or listen to music during the journey.


#6. Snacks And More Snacks

Who can say no to chocolate! There are chocolate bars, ice cream, cookies, biscuits and many other snacks at a very cheap price.


#7. Easy To Volunteer In Turkey

Last but not least, finding volunteer in Turkey is very easy with the help of the Workaway platform.


There are many hosts in this platform and they usually provide both food and board in exchange for 4-6 hours of work.


From my experiences, accommodations are always very basic but food could be wonderful.


You should always pay attention to food hygiene too.


Nevertheless, it is still a nice country to stay in and below I would like to share some of my experience as a volunteer in Turkey through Workaway.



Beautiful View In Turkey

Peaceful View Of Turkey


When traveling to a new country, I would always try to visit both their main cities and also their countryside to get the best of both worlds.


Volunteering makes this easily achievable nowadays.


#1. Istanbul (Chambers of the Boheme)



Istanbul is the most vibrant city in Europe and of course in Turkey, as it has a mixed of eastern and western cultures.


You could spend 2 – 3 days visiting mosques, churches, palace and also tasting all the delicacies it has to offer.


The city is big but you could also spend a day exploring on foot if you prefer walking around like me.


The Scams

Everyday in the hostel I will hear people being scammed into paying expensive bills in the bar.


Usually, someone will approach you asking if you understand English, borrow a lighter or try to help you navigate.


After which they will buy you a meal or drink or do something beneficial to you and in return, you have to treat them a beer and the bill will cost you $100EUR or more.


P.S. Most of the time, scammers are not from local.Click To Tweet


The Hostel Accommodation

I volunteered in this hostel 3 times I think, reason being, the boss is a nice person and I could leave my luggage during summer and winter.



It is an old Boheme style hostel with 10 rooms and around 60 beds. It also has a small café and a staff kitchen.


It is located in Taksim Square 5-8 minutes walk from the airport bus and metro, turn left up the alley when you see McDonald on the left.


The Work And Food


Work In Istanbul

Work In Istanbul


I am involved in the everyday housekeeping chores like changing the beds, cleaning the toilets and mopping the stairs.


Everyday I had to climb up and down this 4 level tall hostel during my 4-5 hours of work.


Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner are covered /:)


Chambers Of The Boheme Breakfast

Chambers Of The Boheme Breakfast


Breakfast will be traditional, consisting of bread, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes white cheese and of course Turkish tea. Lunch will depend.



If you happen to stay in Chambers of the Boheme, just tell the boss Ahmet that you are recommended by Danick the Singapore guy and he will give you a 10% discount on your stay.


He could also plan your trip and accommodation to Pamukkale or Cappadocia and a good price for activities like the hot air balloon ride.


Book a stay in Chambers of the Boheme here.


#2. Fethiye (Alaturka Travel Agency)


Fethiye Market

Fethiye Market


Fethiye is a city on the southwestern coast of Turkey. You need to fly from Istanbul to Dalaman then bus to Fethiye or bus there straight from Istanbul.


It is a port city so the main town is just beside the sea.


It is also the starting point of the blue cruise towards Olympus or participating in the popular paragliding at Oludeniz Beach.


Oludeniz Beach

Oludeniz Beach


The Hostel Accommodation And Food (Fethiye Guesthouse)

The hostel is 10 minutes walk from the old town and harbor. I stayed in the 4 beds dorm most of the time and 3 days in a private room.


Feithiye Guesthouse Breakfast

Feithiye Guesthouse Breakfast


Breakfast is buffet style and one of the best I had so far in Turkey. You could find traditional snacks or dessert on some mornings.


Lunch is also provided, pretty basic but always in large quantity and satisfying to my tummy.


Check It Out:

Book a stay in Fethiye Guesthouse here.


The Work

I worked in the office everyday from 10am - 5pm writing travel articles and drinking coffee. The staffs were all nice and kind and could speak English well.


I wrote 2 articles of around 700 words each a day with the given titles, links and SEO keywords about Fethiye, Turkey or the services they provide.


After my 9 days of volunteering, they offered me a day cruise to experience the Turquoise coast.


Fethiye Day Cruise

Fethiye Day Cruise


IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I mean the sea and their kindness.


Check It Out:

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#3. Edremit

It is located in a very small village in the Outskirt Mountains of the Northern Aegean coastline.


You could reach by bus or fly to Edremit from Istanbul, both cost around the same price.


The area is close to the infamous Troy, Gallipoli and Assos where you could find the wooden Trojan horse and also a popular destination during ANZAC Day.


The Hotel Accommodation

It consists of 23 rooms in 3 buildings and 3 separate cottages made of stone. I would say this place is a beautiful resort.



I am sleeping in the male staff dormitory with 6 other people. One thing that shocked me was all of them smoke and did it inside the room wahahaha.


The Work And Food

This was my first Workaway in Turkey and I was supposed to teach the staff English but in the end, I became a Gardener(!!!).


Well, it is not actually what I am looking for as it was in the summer when the sun is a killer. Furthermore, Gardening is not really my cup of tea too.



It was my first time in Turkey so I did not expect much about the food, and it did not turn out great too. Only the breakfast was good thou.


I am still very grateful for the experience.


#4. Egirdir


Egirdir Coast

Egirdir Coast


A small town on the mouth of the beautiful blue Egirdir Lake surrounded by spectacular views and mountain ridges.


This place is a haven for me as it is still unfamiliar to tourist, therefore I guess I might be the 1/10 tourist in this town.


I really like this place because of its unspoiled nature and local atmosphere. You could go fishing on the boat or ride a bike through the city.


The Pension Accommodation


Charlys Pension

Charlys Pension


This place I volunteered consist of 3 different pensions, I slept in LALE, breakfast at FULYA and dinner at CHARLYS.


I like to spend my afternoon on the terrace in FULYA overlooking the lake, listening to music and writing blogs.


Dinners at CHARLYS was wonderful too as you could see the sunset from the balcony.


Egirdir Sunset

Egirdir Sunset


The Work And Food

In Turkey, ladies usually do housekeeping, so I am only helping out in breakfast and dinner.


Breakfast was from 8-11AM and its buffet style with a wide range of food and jams.


So at breakfast, I just need to clear the plates and clean the table after the guests had their food and around quarter to 11, I will start clearing up and do the washing.


Dinner was from 6-9PM, I will set up the tables for guest and staff, then help to wash up after everyone had their food.


Fish Dinner Egirdir

Fish Dinner Egirdir


The food was sumptuous and I could have fish sometimes, for that I am contented.


P.S. I was there during Ramadan (June) and they had dinner at around 8.30PM, so I would finish later than 10.


Check It Out:

Book a stay in Fulya Pension here.

Book a stay in Charlys Pension here.

Book a stay in Lale Pension (Dorm Available) here.



Volunteer In Egirdir

Volunteer In Egirdir


There are really unlimited possibilities you could find in Turkey, be it in the major cities or in the beautiful countryside.


Once you started, I am sure you will love it like I do.


If you are thinking of long term traveling in Europe, then Turkey is one good place for you to take a break or make a base, so enjoy!


What do you think about traveling to Turkey for a holiday or volunteer in Turkey? Feel free to comment in the comment box below /:)


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